We service many different kinds of events:

Corporate Events & Private Parties, Conventions & Tradeshows, Meetings, Promotions, Birthday Parties, Weddings.

Corporate Events & Private Parties We offer a variety of special give-away trays garnished with all sorts of fun items. Our Cigarette & Candy Girls will be mingling with the guests while offering party favors. We will make the guests feel as if the host has gone through great lengths to cater to their every need. We add fun and flamboyance to any social event. It is always a very nice touch to give away fun things to the guests, compliments of the host. We are experts at putting that finishing touch on your special engagement, and for those who pride themselves on paying attention to every detail, our beautiful & classy Peachy’s Puffs Cigarette & Candy Girls are the icing on the cake.

Our Cigarette Girls can be outfitted in a classic Bell Hop Costume, or you can choose from many other different styles of costumes as well. We have in the past, provided flapper girls for numerous speak easies and art deco parties which included beautiful, and authentic flapper costumes see photo. We have provided bar maids for Barbary Coast parties, and have been involved with countless other theme parties ranging from Stone Age to Space Age. We can have most any costumes specially designed for your event at additional cost.

Over the years we have been asked to do some pretty extravagant things. We have passed out bubble gum cigarettes for the American Cancer Society, handed out personalized corkscrews at weddings. We have many packages to choose from. If it can go in the tray, we can give it away! Of course, it may be preferable to create something very special and custom for your event. Please have a look at the selection of Special Event Tray Packages we offer and give us a call. (415) 553-4413 we will custom design a package to best fits your needs. Have a look at our unique services: Peachy Tuffs, Puff-O-Gram

Conventions & Tradeshows We can draw enormous attention to your booth at any tradeshow or convention. Your booth will stand out amongst all the others by strategically placing one or two of our beautiful Peachy Puffs to give away fun things and direct your potential customers to you. Call for specific details.

Concerts, Sporting Events and Galas

Our service is well known and loved in most of the major concert venues and amphitheaters throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. If you would like us to service your concert venue please contact us @ (415) 553-4413.

Business and Product Promotions

Our services also include business & product promotions. We have a crew of experienced spokes models who work many different kinds of promotions ranging from product give-away to alcohol promotion. Please call us for more details. (415) 553-4413.

Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants

If you would like to offer our special service to the patrons of your dance club, bar or restaurant, we may be able to accommodate you. Your guests will appreciate our fun and convenient service. We will give them something extra to talk about: the fun Peachy Puff Cigarette & Candy Girl they saw at your bar or restaurant. People like to talk; especially about the fun they had while out on the town. All depending on the size of your venue, we can schedule a Candy Girl to stay in your venue throughout the night, or just to make an appearance or two at the most optimal times of the night. Call us today to discuss the options in greater detail or contact us via email at: Info@PeachysPuffs.com .

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