We also offer a diverse range of services regarding Cigarette & Candy Girls.

We service special events such as Conventions, Parties, Weddings, Concerts, Night Clubs, and Business Events.
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We also carry a vast array of Peachy Puffs Trays for your event.
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Read more about Peachy’s Puffs special services below.

Peachy’s Tuffs

Why stop with a Peachy Puff when you can compliment her with an accompanying Peachy Tuff. A Peachy Tuff is a gangster, in an authentic Zoot suit, hired to greet your guests as they arrive to your event. We have special packages that include a tuff, a puff and an authentic 1930’s gangster car in mint condition that we will park in front of your event. What an impression that will make!

Peachy’s Puff O’Gram

The Peachy’s Puff O’Gram is like a singing telegram, only more fun and more interactive. An authentic Cigarette Girl can make an appearance at your private party. We can fill the tray with your gift of choice to present to the special birthday boy or girl, or the “special guest of honor,” We will also hand out all sorts of party favors to the rest of your guests. Call us to tailor a custom package or for more specific information regarding this unique service. (415) 553-4413

Costume and Tray Rentals

We rent authentic cigarette girl costumes and trays. Call for details.

Custom Made Trays

We sale authentic cigarette and candy girl trays. Peachy’s Puffs cigarette and candy girl trays are custom made in the USA. Each tray is cut and assembled by hand with great care and precision ensuring a long lasting high quality product.  With proper care and treatment your tray will last you many, many years.

With the coin box
Without the coin box
Construction: Light weight durable plastic.
Tray Colors: Black or White
Logo: Vinyl lettering $2.00 per letter available in multiple colors and several popular fonts

Custom logo’s: Your company logo on the front of the tray. 

Call or email for pricing and details (415) 553-4413 – info@peachyspuffs.com

Payment Terms: 50% when order is placed 50% when trays are ready to ship.
Shipping Terms: Customer pays shipping and processing.
Turn Around Time: 2 weeks + shipping time.



The cigarette girl trays were perfect. Thank you so much for making this happen.

Amanda Bradham-Little, Director Marketing and Events, The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s.


The cigarette girl trays arrived today. We LOVE them. Thanks very much.

Nadine Thomas, Director of B & F, W Austin

Peachy’s Puffs Unique Merchandise and Gifts

Peachy’s Puffs has a whole menu of great gifts, collectibles and unique gizmos, some of which you can’t find anywhere else but from a Peachy Puff. As we continue to build this site, we will be displaying our list of items in great detail. Until then, please feel free to call us to see what new items we are presenting.