*Peachy’s Puffs rents and sales authentic cigarette and candy girl trays. *See our “Unique Services” page for details.

Special Event Tray Packages

* The Classic Party Tray
* The Fortune Cookie 500 Tray
* The Holiday Hurray Tray
* San Francisco’s Finest Party Tray
* Le Casino Royal Party Tray
* The Gardenia & Cigar Deluxe Tray
* The Ultimate Glow Party Tray
* Customize your own tray

The Classic Party Tray

This is our most traditional party package. A beautiful Candy Girl outfitted in a traditional Bell Hop costume will come greet, treat and entertain your guests. She will give away assorted bite size candies, miniature chocolates, mints, gums & lollipops etc… This tray has something for everyone.

The Fortune Cookie 500 Tray

We have special fortune cookie packages, which include a tray full of fresh baked, individually wrapped cookies, which come in different flavors. You can have any messages you want inside the cookies. Give us a call and let us tailor something special for your business or product promotion.

The Holiday Hurray Tray

This is our festive holiday tray package. Our Cigarette & Candy Girls will come outfitted in traditional colored Christmas costumes to add to the holiday atmosphere. The tray consists of an assortment of party blowers, bite size candies, miniature chocolates, after diner mints, gum, candy canes and various holiday themed candy. We can also garnish the tray with a selection of imported cigars or cocktail gold tipped cigarettes upon request at additional cost.

San Francisco Finest Party Tray

This is our most popular tray. You will find this tray at most of the San Francisco nightclubs, concerts, and gala events. What makes this tray particularly desirable is the wide variety of full sized items, and the many types of cigarettes. This tray includes cigars & cigarettes, edibles, and novelties. It is a pure San Francisco tray in that Peachy’s Puffs, San Francisco’s Original Cigarette and Candy Girl Company, was built from the ground up, primarily from the popularity of this tray.

It includes a wide variety of domestic and imported smokes. It also has a wide range of edibles which include Cracker Jacks, chewing gum, peanuts, candies, mints, lollypops, and most of the famous chocolate candy bars (full size) like Nestle Crunch, Hershey, Reeses, Butterfinger, M&Ms, Kit Kat, Twix, etc. The tray also comes with an attractive variety of real roses (two dozen), colorful silk flowers (that light-up!), Pez, Sweet Tarts, and other fun things. To round out the selection we will add in a few cigars. You may also select from our full array of fun light-up novelty items such as blinking rings, earrings & necklaces, the latest nightglow neon jewelry, and unique novelty items.

Le Casino Royal Party Tray

Are you planning a Supper Club Party or Casino Event? It could never be authentic without a Cigarette & Candy Girl. Try Le Casino Royal Party Tray. It comes with a beautiful Candy Girl wearing an authentic costume and a richly garnished tray. The tray includes something for everyone. Our Cigarette Girl will mingle with your guests, providing bite size candy, Toblerone, liquor filled gourmet chocolates & truffles and fancy high-end cigars. We can upscale the tray with a variety of our fun light up novelties and your event will be a success. We will design it especially for your event.

The Gardenia & Cigar Deluxe Tray

This is the high-end Party Tray. We provide a tray full of fresh gardenias, a nice selection of imported hand rolled cigars, liquor filled chocolates or other imported fine chocolate upon request. The tray comes fully garnished with party favors, candy sticks and bite size candy. We can upscale with the world’s most fancy gold tipped cigarettes, Dunhill, and other fancy imported brands. Also, for the fun and festive occasional smoker, we can include extra long, multicolored cocktail cigarettes.

For the non-smoking events, instead of smokes, we fill the tray with the most fun & hippest new light-up novelties, like blinking rings and earrings, flashing heart shaped pendants and what ever else is “the coolest thing happening” at the time of your event. This is a truly magnificent tray that will satisfy everyone.

The Ultimate Glow Party Tray

Are you planning a dance, disco, or rave themed party? It will not be complete without this tray. Our Cigarette & Candy Girls will come outfitted in either our Classic Bell Hop Cigarette Girl costume or in our fun and extravagant club wear outfits. This tray is definitely mind blowing. It comes garnished with any and all unique light-up & glow-in-the-dark novelties you can imagine. Not only does this tray package assortment of lollipops and bite size candies & chocolates but it also contains glow necklaces & bracelets, glow sticks, blinking rings & earrings and light up roses. Additional or battery powered light-up novelty items may be added at extra cost.

Customize your own Tray

We can customize a tray package to fit any need! We can customize any tray with personal mementos, or anything else your guests might enjoy. You may either choose from our selection of novelty items & candy or provide us with the specifics about your events and we will take it from there. We have many years of experience in sourcing & putting together trays for any occasion. Please feel free to give us a call for details. (415) 553-4413

Please note: Peachy’s Puff’s offers trays for rental and for sale. See our Unique Services page for more details.